newsletter: month three

my little JJ,

there’s so much to say, as usual, but i’m afraid i don’t know how to do you justice. you continue to shine every day, your father and i are pretty much addicted to every inch of you that often i think we’d cage fight just to change your nappy sometimes.

this past month, you’ve started to really come out of your shell. at first, it was just a simple one way roll, and the next week (just a couple of days ago actually!) you’ve started to roll across the room! i should of known you’d be a mover, considering you were SO very active in my belly.

i’ve been back at work full time for a month now, and it’s hard to leave you in the care of others (even if it is your grandparents) but i want you to know this is all for you. i was so worried that i would miss your milestones, but it seems you like to save them just for your dad and i 🙂

your love of ‘all things in my mouth’ has taken a new level – often we find you, actually we hear you, sucking away on your fingers, whole hand or your arm in some sort of slobber love fest. we’re kinda grateful for that, because it means less saliva to wipe off your face and neck (and sometimes our faces and necks, too). grandma has been putting 2 bibs on you at the start of the day now, because there’s just so much goo coming out of that pie hole. if we could bottle and sell it, we’d be millionaires!

every so often, i stop and see how much you’ve grown in such a short time – you’ve doubled your birth weight, and you’re growing out of your bouncy chair so much that your feet will touch the ground soon! (i reckon you’ll be tall like your father, at least i hope so). you’ve been rubbing your hair off on the sides of your head though, we couldn’t figure out why you were so patchy until we looked on the bouncy chair and saw the tiny baby hair’s all over where you rest your head. your belly is ever changing – sometimes your dad and i joke that you’re pregnant with your own little baby, and by the looks of your diaper i guess that’s true in some way 😛

you still love tummy time, which i guess helped along the rolling tricks you’ve picked up. you seem to know where the tv is in any given room and will swivel yourself into the best vantage point you can muster. you’re a pro at baby push ups, and you love sitting up right or looking over our shoulders. you’re no longer head butting us as much, which is an indication you’re getting stronger and stronger. you seem to love it when you’re bounced, it may hurt our arms but it’s worth it to hear your lovely baby cackles.

in this past week, you’ve become hard to get to sleep at night. you’re still sleeping through but you’re a tough customer when it comes to actually getting you to bed. we’re not worried though – we think you’re going through another growth spurt, and we’re just doing everything we can to make you feel ok. it’s just hard to hear you cry the way you have been, i wish you could tell us what’s going on but until then, your dad and i are right there beside you if you need us.

3 months along...

you’ve really got some big big love for your daddy, you always give him the best giggles and the biggest smiles. i know one day soon i’ll be outnumbered by you guys playing tricks on me (putting gluten in my diet and hiding around corners together to scare me silly), but i think that’s a good thing. it’s nice to see you happy with your dad 🙂

there’s still so much to discover about you, and so much for you to discover. it’s mind blowing to think that i’m allowed to raise such a wonderful creature like you. as i say every month, we’ve been blessed and continue to be blessed with everything that you do, and everything that you are.

mama x

brebolivarFebruary 2nd, 2008 at 3:05 pm

oh tracey ! i love how many more photos you’re taking now that you have a cute little one as a new subject 😀 and i can’t believe that blanket i made a long time ago is still holding up and still used! how great. he’s a wonderful roller 😛

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