holy smokes!

so i thought i would make use of some free time before Jasper arrived home from grandma’s, and bake some bread.

i’m happily admiring how well my mixmaster with the bread kneading prongs has made my bread dough nice and .. well, mixed – when it suddenly feels a bit hot next to me. i look down to my immediate right, to the pre-heating oven next to me and see a sudden flash of flames – and i drop everything and scream SH** !!!

smoke immediately fills the entire downstairs level (there’s no doors, it’s one giant room) and the smoke alarm goes off – Regan runs down to find me hurrying around opening windows and doors.

ugh, i hate kitchen fires! we’ve had one before – but this one was really bad because of the smell – lots of bad smelling smoke, and worst of all – even after power cleaning it because we thought it was our bad-cleaning that set it alight – we don’t know what is causing all the smoke still…

luckily Jasper’s room doesn’t smell so bad so i feel ok putting him to sleep in this place, luckily it’s not as bad and there’s no damage. and more importantly, luckily, my leggings protected my legs! my thermals are slightly melted on top – how terrible is that!

p.s. i won’t be baking for a while. LOL.

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