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The Anti-Resolutions

blog this have posed an interesting task this week –

What are your Anti-Resolutions?
Lessons learned -never-to-be-repeated again things? Tell us about resolutions you’ve broken before, the ones you’d never make – Make a list of 5 resolutions you plan to break!

so I’ve had a few days to think about it.. and I still don’t know whether there are any that i’m going to go all on .. but here are a few :

  • stop being a backseat driver in life
  • quit procrastinating about important things
  • don’t overdo it on the gluten… oh boy
  • stop putting too many things in the ‘maybe’ pile
  • don’t forget that i used to be well groomed once…. lol

do you have any anti-resolutions? things that you don’t want to do in 2010?

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