the family portrait …

today was the day of the big family portrait – we booked into Morffew Photos a few weeks ago as a present for my parent’s wedding anniversary. we hadn’t taken a complete family portrait in years so with the kids getting bigger by the second, it was time!

unfortunately, the second we stepped into the studio and got into position – Jovie FLIPPED OUT. and i mean, FLIPPED. OUT. woah-weee! then as Jovie was turning into a puddle of mess, red eyes and tear stained everything – Jasper refused to sit and then went into a 2 year old spin. i think i tried every trick in the book (including backing towards the camera and turning around all of a sudden, and pretending the softbox flash was the moon) – but i think time and a little patience won out and we got a few great shots. Jovie even settled down enough to have her own mini photo shoot – Jasper gave it a go, but was never impressed enough to try. you should of seen the deadpan stare towards the very end of the shoot – seriously no expression, like the photographs really did take his soul 😛

we’ve ordered 4 photos for the package we’ve got – and i bought a very special family portrait, which i’ll post up here once they’re ready (about 3 weeks). it’s a shame that prints are so expensive (which i understand, that’s where they make their money), because i think we would of bought about 20 more prints, they were so so cute!

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