EA Sports Active: 6 Week Challenge

So…. it was my birthday last week, and it was a scheduled work out day. Thinking I could catch it up the next day, I log back in to find that nope, can’t do that! Unless I’ve totally missed where to go back, I think that’s a pretty important feature to have – especially when you do have things that come up and need/want to miss a day. I know the whole jist of it is to make exercise important, but I hate that I have a ‘missed day’ when I was ready to make it up on a non-scheduled work out day…..

And saying that, I’ll most probably miss out Week 6 completely because I have family staying at our house and won’t be able to do the workouts (unless they want to see me jiggle around). So that’s an incomplete 6 Week Challenge, booo. I’ll most probably start again in June anyway as I like the workouts

How am I feeling?
Still pretty good! I think I need to increase intensity to get more of a challenge though. I have noticed that my ankles are sore, I think my shoes aren’t giving me great support for all the jumping that I have to do

What are the goals for the next week?
Increase intensity, don’t miss a workout ….

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