EA Sports Active: 6 Week Challenge

I’ve been a very very bad 6 Week Challenge participant! this week has been a week of excuses, lol.

things have gotten really busy, and it’s been way easier to ignore the Wii and get things done (oh like, working until 2am every. night.)

because Regan’s mum and brother will be visiting for a couple of weeks (yay!), there definately will not be any time to continue the 6 Week Challenge on EA Sports Active: More Workouts – so this will be my last sad entry 😛

my final review? i really liked the 6 Week Challenge, maybe next time more intensity and if they had a ‘make up this missed session’ feature then i’d be more inclined to stick to the 6 Week Challenge. great for time poor, money short people – better than sitting on the couch wishing you were at the gym or that the weather would fine up enough.

i’ll be starting back on More Workouts in a few weeks time for sure, but we’ll see whether i’m up for another 6 Week Challenge!

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