great expectations

like many ladies (and gents) around the world, i managed to see Sex And The City 2 and came away … well, maybe a little disappointed

there were many things about the movie that were unnecessary and strange, but if i could take away anything from the movie (apart from the decadence and sheer terror at many of SJP’s closeups), i would say the movie was a lesson in life’s expectations and how we choose to react to what is given to us

*if you haven’t seen the movie already, now would be a good time to turn away!*

Carrie, 2 years into married life with Mr Big, is starting to struggle at the thought of a ‘traditional marriage’ with traditional rules and a couch for two. Miranda, working harder than ever, maybe thinks that life was always meant to be that way, crazy busy and Blackberry addicted. Samantha, warding off menopause with every legal hormone known to mankind, expects the inevitable when she’s forced to go cold turkey.

and then there was dear Charlotte, who dreamed of having kids but now is cracking under the pressure to be a perfect mother.

i don’t think this movie was about crazy desert outfits or sex or shoes or soulmates – i think it was more about how we all put some sort of pressure on ourselves in some sort of way and when the shoe doesn’t fit (oh look it is about shoes!) then we think we’re broken and we have to rush out and fix ourselves.

there’s nothing wrong with a guy you love wanting to sit on the couch with you 1 night a week, or admitting that your kids drive you nuts. you don’t have to put up with a crappy job just because you’ve climbed the ladder there for so long and should just stick it out.

and in that same vein, i kind of look at myself now and can see the kind of expectations i put on myself to be some sort of wonder woman. and maybe my version of a ‘wonder woman’ includes my faults and my bad days now and then, and that’s ok.

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