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Harold the Owl

harold the owl

meet Harold the Owl, a ‘crafternoon’ experiment after i suddenly had the urge to sew something.

i had to dig around at the very back of the cupboard under the stairs, but i found my sewing machine and some left over fabric and got sewing yesterday. i drew up a rough sketch to make a pattern out of, and 3 hours later (well, i did still have a migraine…) voila! Harold was born.

as soon as Jasper saw the finished product, he gave Harold a little kiss and has been glued to his side ever since. so. cute.

i’ve still got some fabric left over, so i’m going to make a few more this week after some encouragement from my mum and Regan. i forgot how much i liked to sew 🙂

as for that migraine, it’s taken over most of my week. 5 days of foggy Tracey. i’ve never had one that lasted this long but i’m glad it’s clearing up in time for Jovie’s assessment tomorrow at the children’s hospital. if ever i need to have a clear mind, it’ll be tomorrow.