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my new mission

“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

Mary Oliver

i think it applies to blogging in general, but also is my new favourite quote – something to always remember when you have something you want to bring awareness to.

the amazing Kelle Hampton had posted about Down Syndrome Awareness Day on her blog a few months back – i’ve only just started to read back through her archives, but this is a woman i look up to. i don’t know where she gets her strength and the beauty in her words & photographs, but she is blessed, just as i know i am blessed.

i hope that in a year’s time, when we’ve lived with the diagnosis of Autism a bit longer and that we’ve had a year of therapies and baby steps forward and back, i’ll look back and see how far we’ve come also. not necessarily in terms of Jovie’s skills, but as a family and me as a mum and woman.

what i know now – Jovie is still Jovie, always has been and always will. she just also happens to have Autism. all kids are special in their own ways, and we are more alike than different. and each day is an opportunity for something awesome.

such a pretty dress for a pretty girl! we can’t stop taking photos of her in it

picking a winner

mummy needs a bike ride now and then. in flats & a cute sweater no less.

his first big boy bike!

visiting baby alexis

have a great weekend everyone!

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