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we live in a world where it’s so easy to get lost online. where you can search for hours and still not be done. where you can be the person you always wanted, but never dared to try in the offline world. online there’s space for mistakes you can save over and there’s time to hover over that ‘submit’ button.

disconnect to connect is how i’ve been feeling about life and living, lately. while there is so much i love about the internet, it’s not life. it’s not my children, or the chill in the air. it’s not a walk in the park or the delicious smell of a cake baking in the oven. it’s not an hour to myself, relaxing.

i’ve spent the last decade and more looking for myself online, developing ideas out of interests – but who i really am (and who you really are too) lives offline and i want to spend time getting to know myself again. isn’t is strange to struggle for an answer when you’re asked what do you want to do? i feel like my answers are a combination of other people’s achievements, which is fine because goals are good, but is that really how i feel? is that really who i want to be? or have i read so many blogs that i’ve lost my own personality and set of goals along the way?

i’ve been stripping back slowly things that i don’t want to do anymore and have been slowly adding back things that i love to do. using each week as a milestone for clarity in my life, making sure that i’m spending time wisely and purposefully and hoping that i can/am living my life more authentically each day.

do you ever feel that way about being online and then going offline for a while?
do you actively and specifically disconnect from your online life?

ballet flatsMay 25th, 2012 at 4:56 pm

great post tracey. i have noticed that you had gone a little quiet. i think it’s a great thing, especially with your two little kidlets. they’re only tiny for such a small amount of time and how much of that can be missed when you’re trying to do a million and one things rather than just being in the moment?

i often think that way about twitter or instagram. how much am i missing just enjoying the moment because i’m trying to capture it to share with others. do i really need to? will the world end if people don’t know what i’m having for dinner? i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t.

i too feel that sometimes i’d like to step back and just enjoy my life rather than seeking for others to participate in it with me.

even being conscious of that is a step in the right direction i think.

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