out for the count

Jovie and I are always doing things together. we eat together, we got to therapy together, we laugh together and now we get sick together. some mother & daughters likes to shop, but Jovie and I like to develop respiratory conditions!

what started out to be a ‘simple’ flu on Tuesday, very quickly turned into pneumonia by Thursday and made our lives a living hell. i’ve never really had the flu (influenza) before – the fever, chills, the aching was horrible. Jovie would cough until she threw up, which made her scream and scream and scream. I would be so out of breath that I couldn’t even walk upstairs without feeling like I ran a marathon – my fever was worse at night, where I would FREAK out thinking about some huge scientific formula that was going to end the world if I didn’t solve it. craze-balls.

by Thursday I had enough with my ‘flu’ and took myself to the dr (got there before it opened to be first in, first out), and got some antibiotics. Jovie seemed to be doing ok, but by Friday was rotten again so I took her in and had another check up myself since I felt worse. after checking both of us out, dr says that my flu/chest infection is now flu/pneumonia and Jovie has the exact same condition. weeeee. and if it’s not improving as expected by Monday, then hospital for both of us. yikes.

more antibiotics, and ALOT more rest was needed, so I spent the weekend working hard on relaxing (hard for me!) at my parents house because if this stuff comes back, it comes back worse and it’s 10 days at public hospital for me. no thanks. (no wifi! lol).

a check up today (Monday) and we’re both on the mend, not 100% but there’s enough improvement to keep us away from the hospital – hooray! the dr says another week and we’ll both be totally good, and i can’t wait. being short of breath all the time is horrible and poor Jovie is really confused about feeling so bad. i was more worried about Jovie than myself, because i’ve heard of girls with Rett passing away from complications from pneumonia, but thankfully it looks like we got in early and she’s doing great 🙂

i’m really grateful for modern medicine for giving us the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome (and not living a life of questions), and for developing things like antibiotics that keep us alive. i try to stay away from antibiotics were possible, but when you need it, it’s an awesome thing to be able to get it.

so that’s my week…. how was yours?

sophieJuly 9th, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Oh dear Tracey…I hope you guys get better super quick! Yes, after my recent reading binge of historical fiction I often find myself grateful for the modern medicine and all the worries that parents of our generation no longer have to cope with.

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