body vs tracey. round three.

July hasn’t been very kind to me.

first it was the flu, then pneumonia quickly followed. today, it’s an allergic reaction to something we can’t figure out. i didn’t want to post this on instagram… but have to show you how gross it is.

and this was after taking an antihistamine. it started with ‘oh my face is so itchy’ at 3am, checking it to see basically nothing so i thought i just had dry skin, and then asking my dad if my neck was red at about 8am. he saw welts. red raised blotchy welts. it’s all over my face, chest, forearms, behind my knees and on the top of my back, and is ITCHY AS CAN BE.

it’s not something i ate, it might be the bed i was sleeping in at mum’s, i haven’t had anything new.

luckily, i had my pneumonia checkup at the dr this morning! lung is doing good as expected, check up again in a month (hooray, no twice-weekly checkups for me!) and no more antibiotics. but he prescribed me 3 days of steroids for this rash.

i’m happy that it hasn’t closed my airways, because that has happened to me before (scary). it’s just made me into a walking proactiv commercial for a little while.

i don’t know what is going on with my body & i know things could be worse, but i’m ready for a break from all the poking and prodding …. please.

after consulting twitter & dr google (i know, i know), it looks like a penicillin allergy rash! will have to keep an eye on this one… it’s still itchy but i’m otherwise ok & will stop googling this stuff

CarrieJuly 24th, 2012 at 2:46 am

Oh, Tracey! What a month! Sending healing thoughts your way! I hope August is absolutely lovely after this monster of July. xoxoxo

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