when ‘in front’ is ‘behind’

with all the craziness of Jovie’s Autism and now Rett Syndrome journey, I must admit that I wasn’t ready to face possible challenges that Jasper might have. sounds a bit slack, doesn’t it? yeah i think that too.

a couple of months ago, i sorted myself out enough to find a speech therapist for Jasper. his speech, at 4 and a half, is still unclear to others, he repeats himself alot to get a sentence out and there were just a few other things that I wanted to check on before he heads to kindergarten next year.

he’s been diagnosed with a mild language and speech delay, and is working hard every day to improve his skills. our homework for this fortnight is practicing ‘in front’, ‘behind’ and ‘next to’. and we’re still trying to keep his tongue back in his mouth, so he doesn’t lisp as much when he speaks.

i still wonder how much of it is ‘just Jasper’, how much of it is ‘normal’ and how much isn’t. whether having a non-verbal sister has effected his development, whether he’ll just grow out of it. i still have a referral for Jasper to see Jovie’s developmental paediatrician, because there’s a tiny part in me that wants to be cautious. but there’s another part of me that says that he just needs time and support.


so maybe i’m right and he’ll be fine, or maybe i’m wrong and will be called into the principal’s office next year. but i think he’s doing the best he can, so i’ll keep doing what we’re doing because it’s all for him, and we can’t forget that.

DanielleAugust 3rd, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Whatever happens. he has the best team possible behind him to help him along the way xxx keep your chin up Tracey your doing a great job.

ALittaMAugust 3rd, 2012 at 11:23 pm

My husband went through the same thing as a child – he had speech delays and would not pronounce certain words the way it should have been.
It turned out his main problem was, well… laziness 😉 He applied himself and things worked out fine.
Just saying it because I’m sure that things will be fine. And I know that you are doing a wonderful job out there.

SallyOctober 9th, 2012 at 3:26 pm

Hi Tracey – I have a cousin who is a speech pathologist and the sister of my other cousin, Adam, who is profoundly disabled. This post got me thinking and I asked her if she has found this with any siblings of her clients, and she wasn’t sure, but recommended this organisation for other support for Jasper – might be a bit young at the moment, but thought it might come in handy later on! http://www.sibs.org.au/

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