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yesterday was my first therapy appointment. not Jovie’s, not Jasper’s, mine – and that feels weird to say.

coming from a woman who maybe gets her hair cut every 7 months (i’m currently sporting some major horse hair here – neighhhh), doing something for myself is a bit foreign. sure, every now and then mum takes the kids and i stay at home to clean or blog or run errands, but that’s not ‘me time’ is it?

but i did have a good session yesterday and while i won’t go into details, i do think the psychologist and i will work well together. an interesting thing that did come up was the concept of habits, and how we fall into them and don’t realise what’s going on until it turns into an issue.

figuring out where we’ve let ourselves down, and why, can be a hard thing to do. it’s not often you get that kind of clarity or want to seek out a solution for it. but i’m happy to get a little messy, to come out a little cleaner.

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cathAugust 16th, 2012 at 1:42 pm

see my breakthrough with therapy; was i discovered i have a fear of making mistakes. i am so obsessed with the future and what i need to occur and control for then, that i’m not focused on the NOW which is really the most important part.

totally blew my mind & i’ve been in and out of therapy since high school! (i embrace my crazies!)

take care love!

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