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quietly quiet

it’s interesting that once you get talking about yourself to a stranger (albeit, a professional), the more you learn about yourself. in my session with the dr, i’m relaying things i already knew about myself but i’m coming away learning something new about why am i how i am. yes, only after 2 sessions.

i feel a bit raw about the weight of our conversations, and maybe next week i will share a bit with you, but until then i’m busily processing what has been said and it’s making me a bit quieter online & off. in between making a video of Jovie for the Rett Syndrome Study and running around the town as usual, i find myself wondering where my mind will be in a month, in 6 months, at this rate.

i’m already peeling away that ‘tough’ outer shell i wear and it’s a bit scary. to be 31, and rediscovering yourself is a GOOD thing though and i feel lucky that i’m on this path now, rather than later.

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