A Christmas with Rett Syndrome

This year marked the first Christmas with our Rett Syndrome diagnosis. And it wasn’t half bad at all.

If you visit our house, you will see many toy boxes. They’re all filled with things we’ve bought Jovie because it was ‘age appropriate’. All of them are pretty much brand new and untouched because she never was interested in them – tea sets, xylophone, wibble wobble things, soft toys. I’ve likened it to toy boxes filled with my love and desperation to find Jovie something she would like to play with. I’m my father’s daughter – I do like to buy stuff, but sometimes all that stuff doesn’t cut it.

So it’s the first year that we know what Santa should bring Jovie, it’s the first time where we don’t expect her to be ‘at a certain level’. It means we can forget about what should be, and just have Christmas. I find that really awesome 🙂

merry christmas!!
Jovie’s first Christmas, 2009

annual Christmas bear photo
This Christmas, 2012

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cdfitz73January 7th, 2013 at 12:36 am

YES YES YES Perfectly said. OUr 1st Christmas too of course since diagnosis and I bought lots of activity books Charlotte enjoyed looking at as something new but now not really. She got school lunch boxes, a bigger Dora sofa couch, a sensory ball and a big push car but really not sure if any of them really accessible for Charlotte, but like you, ok with it. Cxx