Norman Reedus in Sydney

It’s no secret that i love The Walking Dead – we’ve been watching it when it first started in the States, and I’ve devoured all of the existing comic books so far. I even took the comics in with me when I had my cvs and my amnio as a ‘calm down’ strategy… Season 3 has been on a mid-season break for a couple of months, and is due to start in a couple of weeks, hooray!

By the grace of Buddha or some almighty being, Norman Reedus flew into Sydney this week for a quick promo tour. When I saw he was doing a Q&A, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out the logistics (will Regan be home to take care of the kids, what time do I have to leave, what would I eat in the car on the way there… hey I’m pregnant and hungry) before I booked a ticket. After a quick txt to my sister, I was lucky to book her a ticket also before it sold out completely.

The Q&A was pretty good – I will admit I had some secondhand embarrassment for some of the fan girls, but hey they gotta do what they gotta do, right? (I just don’t know what Norman would do with 50 billion portraits of himself). Would of been cool to get a photo with him, but I just could not compete with the SWARMS of people (men and women) who mobbed him 2 seconds after the Q&A was finished. Even in the darkness of the theatre, people jumped up onto the stage and clambered over the rows of chairs to get close. (I am REALLY happy that people got their photo with him though!)

It was really awesome to watch the last episode with 750 other TWD fans – especially the fight scene with the aquariums (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it). A bunch of people screaming at a big screen when Andrea came on, and everyone cheering for Daryl in the last scene.

I’m SO glad that I sucked it up and waddled my pregnant butt over to Randwick – even if my body is paying for it today. Norman does seem like an easy going, friendly guy which is nice – and FX/PopcornTaxi did a good job at pulling it all together within a week.

For the Reedus fans, I’m going to post the few photos I took below the jump… enjoy!

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