20 weeks

20 weeks

YES! It’s a boy!

We’ve actually known for a couple of weeks, the full results of the amnio came back ALL CLEAR (HOOOOOORAY!) and it also revealed the gender of the bun inside my oven. Another gorgeous boy 🙂 My instincts were spot on, but more importantly the bub is healthy and thriving and that’s all we wanted.

Today was my 20 week scan, which checked everything from the heart to kidneys, spine and limbs, brain and placenta. It’s my 5th ultrasound this pregnancy, and I am so grateful that this little boy has had the strength and patience with me as we’ve gone through the CVS and the amnio together. We’re halfway now! I’m measuring a few days further ahead again, 20w 6d (due date 16 June) but I’ll just stick to 20w 2d (due date 20 June) for now…. the baby has to come out either way, lol.

Jasper is really excited to have a little brother – I can see Regan and the boys, in 10 years time, doing what boys do and driving me nuts. I talk to Jovie everyday about what it’s like to be a big sister, and how her little brother can’t wait to get a cuddle and kiss from her. Everything is falling into place and life’s looking pretty sweet.

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