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student photographer, again

as if being pregnant, having the flu (yes, again. it’s horrible but thankfully i’ve avoided pneumonia) and having 2 kids to take care of isn’t enough – my heart wants what it wants. and what it wants is to get back into photography again! specifically newborn photography – it combines my love of photography and BABIES. perfection.

this week i’ve started to get out my home studio gear and practice practice practice.


i don’t have the best model, but he will do until i get my hands on some freshly baked bubs. i still have a long way to go with handling the studio light the way i want it, but it’s ALOT of fun for me to play around for a few hours (yes hours) trying to get it right before i use real babies, lol.

it’s pretty exciting for me to have found something that i genuinely am excited to do. it doesn’t feel like work or study, it feels like discovering a part of my brain that was switched off for a little while.

i’ve had a long time fear of failure, a self doubting side of me that always questions everything – but i’m pretty sick of listening to myself beat myself down and it’s GO TIME, frankly. i mean, if something makes you happy – why stop yourself from doing it? life is too short, and too much fun.

i’m looking to practice with newborns (5-12 days old) until May (when i know i will be HUGE and tired), then pick it back up again as soon as this baby boy is born. if you’re in Sydney and are due to pop before May, get in touch!

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SophieFebruary 19th, 2013 at 10:32 am

Good for you Tracey!! Newborns are not really my speciality but i’ve learnt the hard lessons about setting up a family photography business.. happy to help if you have any questions xx