Rett Syndrome Awareness, everyday

It happens alot, each time actually.

“Oh but she looks so normal!”

It’s part of the campaign to educate people about Rett Syndrome, and possibly other disorders and situations too. You just don’t know what someone is going through, what they live with, what they’re born with.

I don’t take offence to it, because people don’t mean it or know what they’re saying. But I use it as an opportunity to tell them about Jovie, get them to meet her and to go away with a little bit more knowledge about Rett Syndrome.

It’s harder when I’m at school picking up Jasper, and people will immediately compare their 4 year old with my 4 year old. Instead of making them feel bad, I want them to know that while we have our challenges, we’re doing okay and not to feel bad for us. Life isn’t about comparison (comparison is the thief of joy), but I would just want people to know that families like us exist.

we love, like you love.
we live, like you live.
don’t be afraid to say hello and ask questions. be gentle with it, and we’ll be gentle with you 😉

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