28 weeks

28 weeks

sorry for all these pregnancy posts, it really does take up all of your time. i’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed, so i’m also trying to figure out what’s going on and why. so far, i’ve brought it down to a few things –

1. exhaustion – not sleeping a whole night through in weeks. i’m waking up at least 4 or 5 times a night, not to pee or calm a leg cramp, i just wake up.
2. moving house – the lack of progress, it’s been MONTHS and no word on when we’ll be moving. (we’re just waiting for the land title paper to be processed, apparently). the house is closer to the hospital and i just want to be in within the next 8 weeks so i’m not setting up the nursery when i’m about to pop.
3. selling our apartment – once we’ve moved, we then need to sell this apartment. more work.
4. work – i like what i do, but sometimes i don’t have energy to concentrate. see point 1. i hope my boss doesn’t get sick of me.
5. hormones – it’s like a surge of downers have entered my system. i’m alright, but there are good days, and there’s bad days.
6. aches & pains – can’t really avoid that now, can we? i mean, you don’t get smaller as you go along. being short of breath most of the day sucks though.

don’t get me wrong, i still love being pregnant and would do anything for my baby, but it’s taxing.

welcome to my third trimester!

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