gluten free expo sydney

sydney gluten free expo 2007

guess who's on the cover?i managed to drag my parents and Regan to the gluten free expo on Saturday – more people to hold more food i buy, see…. lol. not really, i wanted to show them how cool the gluten free food is these days, and they ended up stuffing their faces with all the samples! as we entered, i noticed that a few of my photos were on the cover of the guide – thanks Cheryl!

dad was impressed with the yeo’s stand (asian food) and at one point wanted to help serve out the noodle and rice samples himself, he’s so enthusiastic! mum loved the white wings gluten free, yeast free flour – oh, and the free samples of chocolate cake.. Regan was a trooper and followed my butt around the complex. i made sure to hand him samples of pies, cakes, candy, cookies – basically anything he might like. good thing that all the food there was tasty!

i thought i would of bought more than last year, but i ended up being very good and came away with change in my pocket. my aim was to bulk up and try new things, but i could of done alot more damage if it wasn’t so busy (which is good!) and i wasn’t so .. heavy and tired. (and i had had enough of people whacking me in the belly with their giant bags, and butts). plus, these days there’s alot more available outside of expo’s which is fantastic

i liked seeing the familiar companies mix in with a few new ones – it’s encouraging to see more and more allergy aware people creating great food.

gluten free food blog to be updated later with a full review

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