thank you!

a huge thanks to everyone for their well wishes and congrats x

it’s been a great 10 days since little J was born – he’s a FANTASTIC tiny man, has been letting Regan and I sleep in bigger stretches than I expected (hey, I’ll take 3-4 hours! most nights, with our night routine, we’ll each get 6 hours!) and is generally a very cool, calm baby. we’ve spent this past week just hanging out and getting into a routine, learning his cues and .. well.. spending hours just staring at his sweet face. it’s hard to resist waking him just so you can see those big eyes!!

me, i’m doing really well. the first few days were really strange – i have mastitis in both breasts, and with that came this terrible fever that made me freak out big time. thank god that part is over – but i’m on antibiotics for another week to make sure it’s totally gone. apart from that though, all good! i’m back wearing all my regular clothes and i feel really good 🙂 my stomach (and uterus) has snapped back into place, i can’t wait to start up pilates again but i won’t for another month at least..

Regan is back at work now, so it’s just J and i. it’ll be good to see how it goes with this new schedule – i go back to work in about 6 weeks time, so that’ll be another step for us to conquer.

for the moment, i’m enjoying being at home with my son (eek!) and i’m soaking up every minute of this part of his life. it’s already gone so fast, and i don’t want to miss anything!

blueeyezzNovember 12th, 2007 at 11:08 am

I have not yet had a baby, but I hear that jumping back to wearing pre-baby clothes and having your stomach snap back like that?? Makes you very lucky. And probably hate among other moms. 🙂 Lol. . .

Glad things are going well for you guys!

JoanNovember 12th, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Massage the boobies and pump, pump, pump to clear the ducts out! I was frightened of mastitis and was a nazi about squeezing every single last drop out. I did get it once though, because I got lazy. 😛

Good to know that you’re having fun. 🙂

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