the boy & i

kid – hey do you know what my name is?
jasper – is it jason?
kid – no, it’s cameron.
jasper – hi cameron, it’s nice to meet you!

i forget sometimes how grown up Jasper can be, even at age 4. how much he absorbs from Regan and I, and how much he is aware of things that go on every day.

i’m always wondering on how Rett Syndrome has affected (or is it effected?) him too – because if it’s certainly made me different, it’s made him different. to grow up with a sister that can’t play tag, or have a conversation with is hard for a little kid. he asks me now and then, why Jovie doesn’t talk yet, or why Jovie flaps her arms around. why she takes so long to climb the stairs. why is she screaming so much. he tells me that he wants 2 brothers every day now, and that breaks my heart a little because it’s something i can’t give him. but i can give him love & time, and give him as much support as i can.

today instead of working on some projects online, i took Jasper for a walk and it was great to spend that time with him. i’m always with Jovie, or Jovie & Jasper, but i definately need to make more Jasper time.

TraceyJune 21st, 2012 at 8:57 pm

courtney, he is and i know 🙂

amanda, thanks xx

fiona, definately. and not just special outings, everyday things need to be special and for him only. x

cathJune 22nd, 2012 at 12:29 pm

hun, EVERY child wants another brother/sister – don’t feel guilted by his comments.

i remember begging my parents to have another baby, coz i was the youngest. it’s just a sign of loneliness, because my bro/sis are 10 years older and wouldn’t play with me. has he got many friends his age? i didn’t, poor loner cath!

my nephew was the same, so my sister got him a cat & that shut him up for a few years. now he HAS the little brother he wanted and complains about the crying!

you’re doing a great job hun, don’t be so hard on yourself xoxoxoxo

TraceyJune 27th, 2012 at 3:11 pm

thanks cath x

he does have friends his age, but he still isn’t satisfied, lol. i know he is lonely but i ain’t having another kid 😛

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