happy new year!!!

2007 was definately my best year ever! i started the year a little rocky, with doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds. i was finally getting my head (and body) around what is going on with me and then in february i found out i was pregnant!

dec 31 2007 - end of the best year everi think i had the most fun, most enjoyment this past year because of the pregnancy – i loved every minute of it and i would do it all again in a heartbeat. especially the birth and meeting the little one, that was the most joy i’ve ever experienced! my health issues seemed to clear up too – i didn’t have migraines and i could eat dairy for the first time in ages. i felt healthier and better than ever before. it was 9 months of discovery and i know i’ll always look back and remember 2007 as life changing, sort of like therapy in a way. i would of never had guessed that we would have a beautiful baby boy 12 months ago, i guess dreams do come true when you least expect it!

being pregnant and a mum also allowed me to see Regan in a new light – he’s an amazing father, a total natural. i never have to ask him to do anything for Jasper, because he’s already doing it! seeing him this way, makes me appreciate him even more as a husband, a partner and a person. seeing Jasper’s eyes light up when his daddy is around, is indescribable. you couldn’t put a price on it.

anyway, i hope that 2008 brings everyone everything we wanted and more. you never know what is around the corner, but i hope that whatever comes your way makes you smile everyday.

happy new year everyone!

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